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Procedurally Generated Space Exploration FPS

Blowfish Studios / Crescent Moon Games / We’re Five Games
Morphite (2017)

I wrote 25+ “Book” entries that were scattered around the game’s universe, based on the game’s existing world design. Additionally, I gave feedback and helped shape the marketing assets including the promotional t-shirt design.


Interactive Short Story

Self Developed
inheritance (2017)

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Developed using Twine 2, and is available to play on

A Cyberpunk interactive short story, inspired by the original short story “Cyberpunks” by Bruce Bethke. It took about 2 days to develop the core of the short story.

Siegecraft Commander

Turn-Based and Real-Time Strategy

Blowfish Studios
Siegecraft Commander

Narrative Design, writing, and VO direction for the Single-Player Campaign.

I also gave interviews at PAX, and wrote and voiced a gameplay intro trailer.

Illustionist's Fate

Interactive / Deconstructed Murder Mystery

Self Developed, in association with Raging Pixel Productions.
Illusionist’s Fate (2011 & 2016)

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Concept development was funded by ScreenWest’s Digital Breakout Development Fund, June 2011 round.

It has now been developed using Twine 1.4, and is available to play on


Gunscape FPS and level editor

Blowfish Studios
Gunscape (2016)

Developed, designed, and wrote the BFS (Blowfish Studios) Campaign, “The Shay Complex,” leading a small team in level design.

Ice Age Adventures iOS

Ice Age Adventures Freemium iOS Game

Ice Age Adventures (2014)

I joined as an Assistant Producer for the creation phase of development for the iOS original version of Ice Age Adventures in 2013. When the game went live in 2014, I took over as Producer for the live maintenance and Updates.

Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice RPG

Text-Based RPG made for a one-week Game Jam

Self Developed as danRAGE Productions
Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice RPG (Demo)
for Public Domain Jam (May 2014)

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This is an entry into Public Domain Jam for May 2014. My friend Anthony and I both created a game using Twine, based on Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. They came out pretty differently! This version is nowhere near as complete as I would like the game to eventually be, but it’s what I could put together in a week. A text RPG inspired by BBS LORD.


For 48 Hour Global Game Jam Perth 2010

Bored Room
Global Game Jam (2010)

Play via GGJ website

I gatecrashed Rockethands and worked as a designer, specifically working on story and world design. Technical constraints meant that a number of my original puzzles were changed, and I intend to use the original script to learn Adventure Games Studio.

Interzone Futebol

Commercial AAA MMO Sports Title

Interzone Games
Watch Trailer for Interzone Futebol

My roles were Admin/Research, Level Designer, Content /Social Designer, and Associate Producer.
I also helped Animation by designing, casting, directing and selecting/editing mocap data before it was cleaned and integrated.

Dust by Sandbox Software

Winner of 2007 Nullabor Games Competition

Sandbox Software
Dust (2007)

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I worked on world design, story, dialogue, sfx, and 2D art.
Dust was placed First in the Nullabor Demo Competition (Games division)