I have experience writing (and co-writing) and directing plays, writing for webseries and interactive media, and have an understanding of all stages of the development cycles for both games and film. Being both an actor and writer has meant that I would never want to develop a character which an actor (or player!) would not enjoy playing, no matter how traditionally unlikeable they may be, and this has led me to learn more about psychology and elements of mental health, such as trauma including PTSD. My university Honours project allowed me to research more about Ancient Greek and Shakespearean Tragedy, their origins and function in society. This tied in to my larger interest area of the socio/psychological purpose of play, mythology, legend, storytelling, fear and horror.

My favourite research topics focus around games as a media form and its position in society. I’m interested in psychology, philosophy and alternative media sources. I always try to keep things accessable and relevent. I’ve also uploaded the presentation I’ve given twice on narratives in games. Recently, as my health journey has influenced my reading, I’ve been researching more on the function of play in adults, Trauma (including PTSD), identity, and bringing “soul” into work.


Graphic - Stevie & Lindsay

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Pilot episode of half-hour IPTV series, commissioned by Shotgun Empire.
(Please note that unlike the plays, this is the second half of the pilot)


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“Gary’s Place.”
One Act (45-50 min) play, co-written with Dominica Malcolm, and directed by Jeremy Malcolm of Arena Arts for Dramafest 2007.

Narcissus Rehearsals
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One Act (45-50 min) play, which I also directed as an entry to Dramafest One-Act Festival in 2006.

I Cried a River Over You
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“I Cried a River Over You.”
Short (10-15 min) play, performed as a moved reading only in 2006.


2009 Honours Thesis, “Tragic Games, Not Serious Games”2008-9 ECU Presentation, “Narrative Structure in Games”

2007 Essay, “Why We Play the Games People Play: Cultural and Psychological Motivation in Electronic Game Players”