HOTEL DUSK – Room 215

I just looked over at my stack of DS games, and sitting on top is possibly my favourite: HOTEL DUSK – Room 215.

I’m trying to think back to why it was so enjoyable to play.  There were parts where the characters simply ranted at you, and you had this feeling of, “OH MY GOD, I DON’T CARE~!”  Which is annoying, right?

Well, somewhere along the way, they decided to make Kyle Hyde, the player-character, totally dispassionate towards other people, unless they happen to be able to help him.  He’s putting together a puzzle, and only listens and makes nice just in case someone happens to know something that could help him.

He’s the strong, silent type, who is far from having no character.  However, he’s pretty much as passive as the player is when it comes to people’s personal stories, and this comes through in his characterisation.  He wants to find out secrets, and he only listens to sob stories because he feel obliged to.  He’s far from uncaring, though, and pretty much everyone he meets seems to like him, and he likes them.

I’ve got to say, the characterisation of Rosa and Louis were awesome, too.  They were my favourites, but whoever the translators were for this game, they were top-notch.

I’d highly recommend this game for anyone who wants an adventure game with fairly logical puzzles and engaging characters.

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