Fables from the Future

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with a couple of writing premises I’ve had rolling around my head for a couple years. It took me to explaining them to a friend of mine to really notice that they were both Science Fiction.

Now, I’m not the biggest SF fan… I mean, basically my entire awareness of them is the Red Dwarf series, and Brave New World (oh, my beloved Aldous Huxley, how I only put off reading more of your books because I have too many research books to read!) But when I try to write short stories, I seem to go for Science Fiction. I once had a SF short story published in an anthology of student writing when I was in year 9 or 10… Actually that’s not as impressive as it sounds. But still!

So I decided that these two stories should be pushed out into short story format, and then I’d try and write some more, and create a set of fables or cautionary tales (I loved Aesop’s Fables and Grimm’s Tales growing up!)

So I guess, stay tuned for the first of these, which I think is probably about half done, at around 700 words.

Hm. I just realised that my PhD supervisor (who was my Honours supervisor) is a SF buff 😉 I might hide them from her!

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