Epic fail.

Want to knnow why I haven’t posted anything in a while?

My laptop’s screen died for the second time. I am having it replaced, and it’s taken over a week to get the new screen in.

Meanwhile, I’ve been using my old desktop computer, which was infected by a Trojan four days later through what I can only assume was an infected blog post that I read about something innocent like fashionable hairstyles of the 1900’s. I’ve cleaned it up (thank goodness my parents had spare licenses with their Norton account), but… urgh.

At least I got my HTC Desire, where I can actually browse the internet and sent emails in a relatively trouble-free manner. So that’s where I’m at. I can’t finish a lot of my writing because it’s on my absent laptop.

I am also attempting to balance my body more my training myself to use the mouse with my left (non-dominant) hand. I’ve tried brushing my hair and brushing my teeth with my left hand, and it’s pretty hard to do. Maybe the next step will be writing with both hands…

Also, I have bought some cards for NaNoWriMo, on which I plan to write such phrases as, “B has an exciting story to tell A,” and “D knows B’s secret.” The idea is to draw one of these at random every day (two if necessary), and then use that to guide the ~2k words I need to write to hit the target of 50k in a month. I also have other cards on which I’m going to write types of characters, places, times, etc, to generate concepts for writing challenges. I got the idea because I thought about two of my favourite flash games, Zombie Hooker Nightmare and Robot Unicorn Attack, and how it sounds like they just took two random things and another word and developed a game around that idea. I don’t know if they’re developed by the same people, and if so, if that’s what they did, but it seems like a good idea to me.

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