Dreamfall: I hate April Ryan now.

You’ve got to forgive me for not writing much like I promised myself I would. My boyfriend flew over from Sydney and I’ve mostly been taking him around to catch up with people, watching X-Files, coming up with fun ideas, and playing games (NeverWinter Nights for him, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey for me).

So I just thought I’d say that while Dreamfall has been okay so far, it does have a number of totally wanky puzzles, I like the new female protagonist, Zoe, but that April Ryan, after ten years living in Arcadia, has turned into a total bitch that I hate and can’t relate to in any way. I want to get her and force her to throw herself off a cliff. That strange girl was saying “Save April, Save April Ryan!” but I think she was actually warning me to resist wilfully harming her.

Sigh. Fingers crossed, by the end of the game she’ll stop being a douchette.

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