Where I’ve been, what I’m doing.

WELL, I finally got my Dell Laptop fixed, which meant that I could finally get back to drafting some blog posts while working as reception for my Dad (there is a lot of time between phonecalls, faxes, and deliveries… so I read and/or write). I’ve got two waiting for a final edit before posting, and a couple more that need much more work.

In the meantime, I have been staying up and losing sleep over playing the original SID MEYER’S CIVILIZATION! Yes, that’s right. CIV1! One of my favourite games from childhood… but unlike Jones in the Fast Lane, I haven’t retained all my skill and tactics. How the hell do I get my cities to actually grow over population 10? I mean, I know I need the aqueduct. But people just start hating me and starving and shit. Urgh. So, after about three or four sleepless nights, I decided I wanted to play something else. I didn’t feel like playing Jones, either, so I went to Abandonia and looked for some gems, finally deciding to download and play The Legend of Kyrandia 1, which my boyfriend has played before (apparently I’m up to the part that got him stuck for a VERY long time… teehee), because my friend Joseph B Hewitt IV was one of the artists on it 😉

I’ve only played it for one night, I’m up to the Birthstones Quest thing. No spoilers, please!

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