Post the 4th


I accepted the challenge to post four times in one day. Well, really, I posted twice and was told that doing so was making other bloggers look bad, so I challenged myself to post a third time… and then I decided that if I did, I would post a FOURTH dedicated purely to a friend of mine,


Jo-Jo Valentino

Or as he should have been christened, “Valentino.”

Jo-Jo was born on St Valentine’s Day. Since then, he has been working his magic with the ladies, mostly through learning magic tricks and growing his hair long, as well as doing photography and dropping in on his mother’s modelling classes to meet girls (if this isn’t strictly true, I WANT IT TO BE). I like seeing photos of him with long hair, as every time he shows me one, he says, “I really needed to get my hair cut.”

Joseph is also lucky/talented/awesome enough to have a lifelong career as a game developer, known for his work at Westwood Studios, Auran, Interzone Games (teehee), and Jet Set Games.

You can visit his blog here and his twitter here.

Valentino, I am still waiting to be your Magician’s Assistant.

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