Scholastic: Shadow House

Shadow House
Interactive Fiction app for Multiplatform Book Series

Blowfish Studios (uncredited) Scholastic of America
Shadow House (2016-8)


Producer for both development and live versions of the game. Implemented 3D Puzzle Level Design using Adventure Creator plugin in Unity, implemented branching narratives using Fungus with custom tools.

Shadow House Playthrough

Shadow House is a branching narrative app intended to work alongside Dan Poblocki’s book series of the same name. It explores the history of Shadow House, while the books are focused on the present.

My role in the project was more hands-on, working with Fungus within Unity. Based on the design defined by the client, I requested our additional custom features to be added to the base Fungus framework by our internal programmers (not the Fungus creator). I then used these to implement the “Incident” designs as written and designed by the client.

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