Creative Research Methods wk2

Drafting the Research Question and Objectives

Step 1: Identify your field and background/context in a single sentence

This research… fill in the blank with your topic.

This research investigates theatrical themes and how they can relate to a Gamer’s experience.

Step 2: Formulate your CENTRAL research question

It asks, …

It asks whether we can turn to pre-existing theories of audience experience to explain a Gamer’s pull towards certain games.

Step 3: Identify three or four research objectives

These should form a set of coherent and interrelated tasks that map the logical outcomes and demonstrate the parameters of your planned project.

  • To identify theatrical devices or manifestos which focus on the audience experience
  • To identify “payoffs” for an audience member/gamer
  • To establish a set of guidelines or suggestons to apply to user experience design and game writing, as discussed in an exegesis
  • To create an interactive experience (game design) which utilises the now-established guidelines to create a game with the identified payoffs.

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