IRL Games

This morning, I dreamt about not making a game that was like a play, but making a play that was like a game.

You, as the Protagonist, walk around and talk to various people, collect objects, go to places to do things, and recieve rewards.

Thinking about this while I am awake, while I’d be awesome to make a “real life” game, you’d be restricted by props, sets, effects, and any extra equipment or whatever that the player may have collected (“red herring” collectables or unbroken equippables) might be… taken away or broken by the Player.  It’s so much easier to have the “OH BUT THIS ISN’T REAL, THESE THINGS DON’T EXIST,” excuse with PCs on Consoles.

On a side note, my computer is being really slow.  I think it’s time for a virus scan or such.

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