I just played SissyFight for the first time.  It was pretty funny.  I played with a friend, and we acted like couple bitches, and it was kinda fun to see how other people responded to it.

I haven’t really ever been the type to get into bitch fights, because generally the best defense is to just smile and walk away.  I guess bullying only works if you let it… This is a gross overexaggeration, but I’ve had plenty of bullying directed at me during my life, but somewhere along the line, I was told (probably by my Mother), that if you just smile and play with them, there’s really nothing they can do.

One of the (obviously more feisty) players decided to accuse my friend and I of being the same person, with two accounts.  Then we went into a game and locked them out.  Win.  Then we played a game with them, and after the game, the feisty one RAGEQUIT!!!

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