I just played a little experimental flash game called, “coil.”

It has an interesting storyline, and I was, quite franky, saying, “wtf?” with each new level.  I went in there with absolutely no idea of what it was about, so I’m not going to say anything.  The only controls are mouse movement, so it’s fairly easy to play.  It can just be a little tricky figuring out what you need to do, and then trying to achieve that goal.

It’s a little dark in tone, but nothing depressing.  Pretty enjoyable, as it is intentionally twisted, and there’s nothing making the game “cheat” you or make you feel ripped off.  Enjoy 🙂

2 thoughts on “coil

  1. wtf indeed. It was mildly enjoyable for a while, in particular the figuring out what exactly you need to do to succeed, but in the end making me view the cryptic text for several minutes without being able to go to the next level annoyed me so much that I stopped playing.


    • Just move your mouse in a circle over the cryptic text, like the arrows show you 🙂 Goes away instantly!

      Hope you play again- the levels get progressively weirder.


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