SissyFight vs Left4Dead

I was thinking about SissyFight and Left 4 Dead.

One is set in a schoolyard, is free, and all players are totally anonymous.  It focuses on teaming up to take others down.  It’s not really suitable for kids, in my opinion.  But there’s nothing to stop 12 year old girls playing it.

The other has guns and blood, there are zombies attacking you, you have to pay to be able to log in, and you can look up information about players’ accounts.  It focuses on teaming up to keep everyone in the game, because you are likely to fail dismally if you don’t work together as a team.  Sure, you can be on the opposing team, but once again, you have to work with your team.

Which would you prefer your kids to play?  Violent, dark, teaches teamwork;  Clean, light, teaches bitching?

4 thoughts on “SissyFight vs Left4Dead

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    • Yep, L4D is totally a boy’s game, girls aren’t allowed to play 😉

      Actually, that reminds me, I wanted to write a post on the sexualisation of Zoey within the fan community…


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