I have a problem.

Words are slippery and messy.

  • Computer or Video Game?
  • Player or Gamer?
  • Theatre or Drama?

I have to make these decisions, and others about other words, soon.

2 thoughts on “signifiers

  1. I use ‘computer game’ when it’s on PC/Mac, and ‘video game’ when it’s a console.

    It’s a gamer when they are not player, and a player when they are.

    Good luck with the rest…


    • Yeah I generally agree, but when I’m referring to both kinds of games, and when I’m talking generally about a person who may or may not be playing…

      I ended up choosing “electronic game” and I’ll probably go for “Gamer” because a player can also be an actor, and while I AM linking them, I want to ensure that the gamer is seen both as actor and audience. I’ll probably choose Theatre as well, because “Drama” is a genre… 😛

      Thanks for your reply, even though I’m kinda going against them :S


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