Tragedy for Social Change

I’ve been absent for a while.  I’m sorry.  I’m going to write up my response to playing a few games of various sizes shortly, but before that, it’s more important (for myself, at least) that I talk about this.

You may recall the post where I talked about Tragedy and the “Role of Games in Personal and Social Change.”  Well, I’ve become increasingly frustrated by the whole “serious games,” thing.  And yet, what is the purpose of Tragedy is to arouse emotions while potraying events that are considered negative in society.  Gonzalo Frasca looked toward Brecht and Boal to find a way to create social and personal change.  However, myth and cautionary tales have been used perfectly well as a form of implicitly enforcing societal expectations and laws.  Is there one amongst us who has not had an experience with some story, whether through literature, film, music, fine art, or performance, that has changed the way we consider our lives?

Therefore, I no longer wish to concentrate on the means without the purpose or the end.  No longer do I wish to position my aim as “making Tragedy playable in games,” or “invoking Catharsis in a game player,”  but rather as updating Tragedy for social change through electronic games.

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