No, I’m not dead

…I’m busy! 

It has now been just under nine months since I started as an Assistant Producer at Gameloft in Auckland. In that time, I’ve had two visits from my family, one from Baz’s, and I’ve been to GDC. Time has FLOWN by. Plus, the game I’ve been working on since I arrived is…still in development, so there’s rarely downtime from looking after the local team and communicating with remote teams! Hopefully it will be announced/released soon so that I can stop keeping secrets from all my friends and family. “No, it’s not My Little Pony. Yes, that IS one of the games my studio made and looks after.”

Meanwhile, other updates:

  • (Non game news) Despite eating badly when I arrived (and then again in America), my health is under control, but I’m still planning on visiting some new doctors/nutritionists that came highly recommended. 
  • (Game news) I am working on an entry to Public Domain Jam! I am FINALLY realising my seven-year dream of a Pride and Prejudice RPG! 
  • (Research news) There have been some amazing articles coming out recently on the effect of games on PTSD. Some I disagree violently and furiously with, others make me incredibly excited and inspired.

Look out for posts on those bottom two bulletpoints some time soon.

And why do I mention bullet point 1? Because when I’m not well, I don’t have energy for Life Outside Work. So now I am, I do. 


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