Scholastic Virtual Book Fairs

Scholastic’s Book Fair: Online 360 Virtual Experience!

Blowfish Studios (uncredited) Scholastic of America
Virtual Book Fair (2020)

Senior Producer (feature and live support) and Multimedia Designer

Client-facing production and multimedia design responsibilities including facilitation of art and feature requests, coordinating with various technical and nontechnical departments within Scholastic (Fairs, Online Store, and Technical Services Teams), research and setup of the system within Pano2VR, and setting up and rolling out build, upload, and project archival systems.

This non-game project took me back to my Multimedia Design Bachelor roots: jumping in to a new tool and pushing it to its limit and beyond. The focus may not have been on gameplay experience, but instead the overall user flow experience, as the project needed to be appealing and accessible to teachers, parents, and kids. Each subsequent update took into account user feedback as well as feature requests from the client.

I worked on this (currently live) project from its inception in July 2020, through its release in September 2020, until June 2021.

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