Home Base

Home Base
A social world for kids!

Blowfish Studios (uncredited) Scholastic of America
Home Base (2019)

Senior Producer (feature and live support) and Game Design Consultant

Client-facing production and game design/direction responsibilities including assisting art team with communication of client to articulate an art style, production process improvements for Live game support, and interpretation and guidance of implementation of feature requests from a game design standpoint.

Home Base is a virtual world where kids are able to chat about their favourite Scholastic books, as well as play solo minigames or team map games, and participate in special events.

As the client was highly involved in the design of the game, I worked in more of an advisory game design role, giving guidance, advice, and feedback to both the clients as well as junior game designers in-house at Blowfish.

I advised on:

  • Overall Economy Design
  • Content Design including the clothing and furniture system
  • Home Island (player customisable space) design
  • Map game (multiplayer minigames within the world) design
  • New feature design
Dav Pikley’s “Dog Man” Island on Home Base
Virtual Book Fest March 2020
Scholastic’s Summer Read-A-Palooza 2020

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