Storm Boy: The Game

Storm Boy
Interactive Story with Toy-like Vignettes

Blowfish Studios in association with New Holland Publishing
Storm Boy: The Game (2018)

Game Director and Designer

I led the development and direction of this game, based on Colin Thiele’s well known novella of the same name. The game was developed part-time over six months, requiring a tight game design and vision. Aside from the game’s direction, design, writing, and vision, I also managed the promotional materials including trailers and physical merchandise.

Nominated for four categories in the Australian Games Awards 2018 (Australian Game; Independent Game; Family/Kids Title; Mobile/Handheld Title of the Year), two categories for the Australian Game Developer Awards 2019 (Art; Sound Design), as well as being a finalist for The Pav Awards 2019 (Across the Pond award), and nominated for The 52nd Annual AWGIE Awards (Interactive Media category).

Launch Trailer

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